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Copyright  2014 Hi-Tech Enterprises Inc. All rights reserved.	4250  114th Terrace, Clearwater, Fl.  33762, Ph# 727-573-9600, Fax 727-573-9606
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Stream Breeze Flex Analog and digital inputs the Flex is well suited for those situation where supporting devices such as DSLR, HD or SD  cameras.
Stream Breeze Pro  Brings the power and features of portable live professional production . With four SDI inputs, it's a powerhouse
Stream Breeze Broadcast  Offers 8 SDI inputs in a rack mount configuration with all the features that make portable live multi camera production a dream.
Stream Breeze 24/7 A complete,professional play out system. It is easy to use and the play back formats are highly flexible. The most cost effective around the clock streaming video.
More features for less money !

Multiple input live video switching and video streaming solution.

Stream Breeze video streaming systems offer breakthrough features for anyone from sports, worship, educational or events to stream live video with features of professional webcasting. The product family which includes Stream Breeze HD Flex, Stream Breeze HD Pro, Stream Breeze HD Broadcast, and Stream Breeze 24/7 allow producers to meet the aggressive demand for affordable high quality, live production with greater flexibility than any other streaming systems on the market. “Video has become the single most important tool in sales and marketing, and producing watchable, dynamic video – professional looking video – has become a must.” said Richard Roswell, Hi-Tech Marketing Manager. “ Whether your audience is in a boardroom, a pew, or a living room, compelling, convincing communication is the key to success.  By making your presentation dynamic and professional, viewers remain engaged, and the message gets across more effectively.” Stream Breeze systems allow anyone who can click a mouse to produce telling live video from anywhere and aspiring broadcasters to afford their own show or even station running 24/7. The systems offer a myriad of opportunities for streaming content on virtually any platform to any device including cell phones, tablets, social media, and websites, to anywhere in the world. Stream Breeze’s portability and simplicity, allow everyone from novice to seasoned professional to produce professional, yet affordable Internet video. On board editing, animated lower thirds, instant replay with slow motion, virtual sets, titles with scoreboard, chroma key, multiple transitions, picture in picture, and both NTSC and PAL SD and or HD compatibility come standard on all units.  Users can also import photos, flash media, and add titling with four overlay channels.  Capture sources using RTMP, Skype, Google Hangout, VLC, and much more.  Versatile outputs let the systems stream to the web, record, archive for later to burn to DVD, upload to the web, or do all of the above.
Stream Breeze a portable platform for live broadcasting streaming to the Internet in HD or SD. Allowing Individuals, Schools, Churches, radio stations and corporations to live web-cast in real-time. Including features such as video and audio streaming, virtual sets, instant replay with slow motion, title templates, transitions, stinger transitions, multiple video overlays, chroma key, projector output, desktop capture and much more.
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Another satisfied customer; “cooooool! This pack is soooooo much more than I ever dreamed – it is faannntastic! The program looks very professional ,This is like hog heaven!!! Or was that geek heaven lol! , Thank you for a great system!” Faith Olen, Supervising Librarian, Orange County High School
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