Here are some related accessory products to complete your video production toolkit!

That wonderful new Stream Breeze system is only one part of your video production setup, albeit probably the most important piece! So to help you round out your production kit here are links and descriptions to a wide variety of products that will hopefully help you fill in the missing links. All of these products are hand-selected by our team to give you the best possible gear at the lowest possible prices. Obviously, we don’t have space here to list EVERY possible doo-dad that you may need. If you don’t see something you need, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email and we will point you in the right direction.

vMix Control Surface

The vMix Control Surface brings tactile control to any vMix configuration with a traditional production switching interface. Combined with a vMix GO portable production system, it brings high performance, color backlit key control of inputs, overlays and downstream keyers intuitive layout includes a finely tuned T-Bar for smooth transitions with full artistic control. Add the vMix Control Surface to your setup today and bring professional power and control to your fingertips. $1,995.00

vMix Control Surface
CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS 1500VA 900W AVR Mini-Tower

Let’s face it, a power brownout can ruin not only your day but an entire critical project. A quality battery backup is not a luxury option, it is a vital necessity if you don’t want to see your hard work go down the drain. CyberPower make highly-recommended battery backups and this 1500VA model has the juice you need to keep you running for up to 15 minutes in the event of a blackout which is enough time to safely save your work and shut down your system.

WD My Passport Ultra 256-bit 2 TB Portable External Hard Drive, White (WDBBKD0020BWT-NESN)

One of the most important things to do when using a computer is to make regular backups of your files. If your system should experience a catastrophic crash or suddenly turn off while writing files to the hard drive (you DID buy a battery backup like the one above, right?), your data could be lost and the drive may get corrupted and no longer be readable. Having a backup ensures that the show will go on! Call us at 888-463-9805 for current pricing and availability.

Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0

Here is another fine external hard drive to consider for your backups.

Toshiba Canvio Connect II 2TB Portable Hard Drive, Black (HDTC820XK3C1)

Here is another name-brand external hard drive to consider for your backups.

BenQ 32-Inch IPS 4K Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (BL3201PH), 4K2K HD 3840×2160 Display

Preserve the true colors you captured with BL3201PH’s 100% sRGB color space, providing you with brighter, accurate and consistent colors, whether you’re working on digital images for sharing your photos or publishing on the web. Capture the moment and never let it fade away.
Get crisper, gorgeous images brought by 4K image resolution (3840×2160). That’s four times the detail of full HD (1920×1080) often found in Blu-Ray and digital TV.

ASUS VS278Q-P 27″ Full HD 1920×1080 1ms DisplayPort HDMI VGA Back-lit LED Monitor

By its very nature, video demands a proper display, one capable of accurate color and a fast enough response time to avoid “smearing” content that is swiftly moving (such as sports or a fast pan). With it’s 1ms response time and full 1920×1080 resolution, this monitor is up to the task–and it won’t break the budget either!

M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair)

Experience the accurate sound you’ve been missing with these active speakers from industry stalwart M•Audio. Compact in size yet powerful enough to fill the room if need be, these monitors will let you hear every nuance of your production to make proper adjustments and ensure a quality experience by your viewers. They are easy on your wallet as well.

Audio-Technica ATH-M2X Mid-Size Open-Back Dynamic Stereo Headphones

If you can’t have sound bouncing around your working environment you can still monitor your audio accurately with these affordable and comfortable headphones from Audio-Technica. With an open-air design that lets you still hear ambient sounds (such as the producer giving you cues) these lightweight phones are the perfect solution for your audio monitoring needs.

Maxell 635052/638010 4.7 Gb Dvd-Rs (25-Ct Spindle)

Your new Stream Breeze system comes with a DVD Read/Write disc drive built-in, so naturally, you will need some blank discs to use with it. These discs from Maxell have stood the test of time and make a great reliable backup solution to save your projects to.

Pioneer Slim External Blu Ray Writer BDR-XD05B (Black)
<br/ >If you find that DVDs just aren’t large enough to hold those massive video files that you wish to back up, then perhaps a Blu-Ray drive is the cure to what ails ya’. This top-rated external Blu-Ray burner from Pioneer easily connects to your system via USB to allow you to burn 25GB or even 50GB discs for either project backup or to deliver content to your clients.
Contour Design Shuttle Pro 2 (Black)

The keyboard attached to your stream breeze system is fine for most people but longtime video editors are more comfortable using dedicated hardware for certain tasks. Enter the Contour Shuttle with an easy to use jog/shuttle dial and a myriad of assignable buttons to make video editing and system operation much more efficient. If you spend much time working with video you NEED one of these!

Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard (KB505U)

Here is a keyboard that you are going to love using, especially if you find yourself in a darkened room where it is difficult to see your keyboard. Not only are the keys on this model backlit with your choice of red, blue or purple lighting, they also feature LARGE lettering to help you find the right key quickly! It also features built-in multimedia and quick-access hotkeys.

AULA DRAGON DEEP Three Backlit Four Grade Light Adjustable Keyboard

Another highly-recommended keyboard is this one from AULA, featuring a bold modern design and excellent ergonomics. With positive key-click feedback, a contoured palm rest, and up to 10-million keystroke durability this is one that will probably outlive all of your other gear!

Logitech Corded Mouse (M500)

If you are looking for a comfortable ergonomic mouse with features you can really use, you have found it. Made by respected manufacturer Logitech, this wired USB mouse features left and right clickers, a scroll wheel/middle button and two programmable buttons on the side to give you, even more, control over your system without taking your hands “off the wheel”.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter

The SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card lets you shoot and save more high-quality photos and Full HD (1) videos on your Camera, Camcorder, Android smartphone or tablet. From a world leader in flash memory storage, this card features a Class 10 speed rating for capturing Full HD video and read speeds of up to 80MB/s (2) for ultra-fast file transfer.

DJI Mavic Pro Bundle with Shoulder Bag, Props, Car Charger and 2 Extra Batteries

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. 24 high-performance computing cores, an all-new transmission system with a 4.3mi (7Km) range, 4 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger.

LimoStudio Photo Video Studio 10Ft Adjustable Muslin Background Backdrop Support System Stand

Begin building your dream studio by starting off with a proper background holder. The possibilities are only bounded by your creativity with a number of backgrounds that are available, from seamless paper to muslins, be confident that this adjustable support system will help enable your vision. The light stands are perfect for both studios and at home use. Start taking beautiful portraits with an even and professional backdrop today

X-keys XK-12 + jog & shuttle keyboard – vMix compatible!

The XK-12+Jog & Shuttle offers twelve user definable keys with an integrated jog and shuttle ring fit in a small footprint equally suitable for desktop or hand-held operation. The design of the XK-12+Jog & Shuttle allows for both portrait and landscape orientation to fit your requirements. The full travel keys have the same feel as a standard keyboard and angled feet give the unit a slight tilt for better viewing of the key legends. Blue and red addressable backlighting enhances key identification in low light environments. Keyboard Macros and Hot Keys offer the shortest path to action, and the X-keys provides a clearly labeled, physical location for these complex or redundant functions so you don’t have to think about them. The X-keys lets you focus on the project instead of the process.

X-keys XKE-124 T-Bar USB Keyboard – vMix compatible!

The XKE-124 T-Bar USB Keyboard from X-keys provides you with 124 programmable keys and a smooth, solid T-bar so you can create a control panel for any application. Each of the keys has blue and red backlighting as well as relegendable keycaps. You can also add optional large keys and key blockers to adjust it to your preference. The XKE also comes with free software development kits, available for download on their website, to assist you with further commands and data collection.

Ikan iLED312-v2-KIT with 3 x iLED312-v2

The iLED312-v2-KIT with 3 x iLED312-v2 Lights is designed and built for imaging professionals who want quality at an affordable price.The Kit delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance.The 3-Point Light Kit features include bi-color capabilities and a 60-degree angle that delivers reliable, consistent performance. iLED312-v2 lights are also available individually or in different kit combinations that provide added value that may include stands, bags and other accessories.

Kingston Digital USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Media Reader

Kingston’s USB 3.0 High-Speed Media Reader reads all major card format types and supports UHS-1 and UHS-II SD card speeds, making it ideal for photographers, videographers, design studios, and printing houses. This versatile reader easily backs up photos and videos from your camera and lets you easily transfer photos, videos, music, and other data between your favorite cards and your PC.

ePhotoInc 10ft x 16ft Green Chromakey Backdrop Background Screen

Suitable for all level videographers and photographers from amateurs to professionals. It’s a perfect solution to produce videos and photos for web retailers and commercial product catalog, especially good for portrait and costume. Works flawlessly with vMix to allow you to place your subject/talent in a virtual set.

ASUS 12X Blu-ray Burning Speed USB 2.0/USB 3.0 External Blu-ray Drive

The best PERMANENT backup solution for large video files is still Blu-Ray discs. This highly-rated external burner from Asus burns at up to 12x speed and can handle Dual Layer 50GB discs.

StudioPRO 3000W Complete 3-light Photo Video Studio with backdrops

Everything you need to get started – 3 lights with soft boxes, backdrop support system and 3 backdrops: Chroma green, Black and White. 3000W of cool fluorescent lighting