Custom video production computer for editing, live event switching and streaming.

If the pre-built video production computers don’t quite fit the bill, you can create a custom-built system that does! Available are a wide variety of options to ensure that you have what you need to do the job, and they are all versatile enough to perform a variety of functions from Live Event switching and streaming to editing and authoring DVDs.

There are three basic case options available: a traditional Tower Case suits most needs just fine but there is also a rack mount case for installations that are a bit more permanent and a mini-ATX case that is easily portable and takes up little desktop space. The tower and rack-mount cases can house up to 4 I/O cards internally, giving you quite a bit of flexibility for a variety of installations. The mini-ATX case is limited to no more than 2 I/O cards but you could use an External USB I/O interface to ease expansion. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Custom Video Production Switching & Streaming Computers
Custom Video Production Switching & Streaming Computers

All systems have been rigorously tested for compatibility of components and to be sure that they are powerful enough for the demands of video production. The prices include the Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Operating System and all labor costs for assembly and quality-control testing as well as initial launch support. With many years of dedicated video-production computer-building experience, our staff is experienced with the high-demands of video production and you can count on their expertise to deliver a system that will serve you well for many years to come.

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