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Now that hi-speed internet is widely available and more consumers are accustomed to watching video on their computers, tablets, phones and TVs, we are seeing an increase in the number of websites that offer streaming video content. Sports organizations, churches, schools, performance venues and more are becoming “broadcasters” by offering streaming video content to their subscribers, patrons and fans. Maybe you have thought of offering streaming video on your site but you don’t know if the investment will pay off. Well, when dealing with such a complex subject it can be confusing.

Sometimes the best way to “put your toe in the water” is to Rent or Lease a system for a while to see how it works out. That way you do not tie up a significant amount of resources on an untried business path.

Renting has several important benefits.

• You get to “try things out”. Renting allows you to try many different pieces of equipment depending on the scale, type and budget of your production.
• Cash flow! Not tying up lots of your money in gear allows you to spend it elsewhere.
• Renting allows you to have options. Along with the ability to test drive the gear you also get to learn what items work best for various types of productions
• Access to the latest gear and features. Rental sources often have the most up-to-date gear available to remain competitive.
• No need to spend lots of money on protective cases and accessories.

On the other hand, if you are jumping in for the long haul and know that your needs will be met for the foreseeable future by an existing product, purchasing makes more economic sense. I am a big proponent of renting gear, at least to start. It’s very easy to justify equipment costs to your clients when you have an accurate, per-day cost to use it. If you rent a piece of equipment more than five times in three years, its then more economical to purchase that equipment, with extended warranty. Other advantages to owning is that you become totally familiar
with the equipment and there is nothing to stop you invoicing its use out at normal rental card rates.

At Hi-Tech, we know that committing to purchase a Stream Breeze System is no small decision so we offer a try-before-you-buy rental program. Our systems are complete and ready-to-go and can be custom configured to your needs, and if you decide to purchase a system we can apply the rental fees to the purchase price within the trial time period.

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