Standard Definition vs High Definition Streaming

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Why use Standard Definition vs High Definition Streaming.

Can your audience really see your internet streaming program in HD?   HD, high definition, everyone talks about shooting and streaming in HD but…. is what your viewer is seeing really high definition?  In reality unless they have a huge amount of bandwidth what your audience is seeing is not true HD.

The problem with HD is that it’s a popular buzz word but the average person doesn’t really know what it’s all about and/or aren’t viewing things in HD.  Even if they think they are.  A lot of the people we talk to think 16×9, otherwise known as wide screen or 16:9, is HD (high definition), but it’s not.  16×9 is a screen viewing size, also known as letterbox, where the picture is elongated horizontally (hence the name wide screen) and there are two black bars, one above and one below the picture.  The “normal” picture you view where it takes up the full screen size is known as 4×3.

A bigger majority of people think that because something is broadcast in high definition that they are viewing it in HD.  The reality is that even if something is broadcast in HD, what comes out the other side is anything but.  You see you need to have a device which receives an HD signal in order to view it in HD.

Have you ever heard of a HD computer?  I haven’t which means if your audience is watching on a computer, they are not watching in high def.  Did you know that the bandwidth to send out an HD signal is huge and insanely expensive?  So even if you think you’re sending out HD, if you’re not paying for the bandwidth, you are not sending out HD and your audience is not seeing your program in HD.  So why all the talk about High Definition streaming?

Because it’s coming in the very near future so in the meantime why not buy a device that does both SD and HD or is highly, and cheaply, upgradable to HD.  Broadcast in SD for the meantime, since it’s probably what you’re doing now whether you realize it or not, and have the option for HD when it hits the mainstream.

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