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All of our items are advertised in multiple places. We do not ‘hold’ items that are listed, and there is NO guarantee that any item we have listed, will not be sold through another venue. The ONLY way to guarantee the availability of an item is to purchase it immediately. We will not be responsible for typographical errors. We CANNOT assume responsibility to the suitability or compatibility of products. Compatibility: Hi-Tech hereby disclaims any representations or warranty that the products are compatible with any combination of products the customer chooses to connect to the products. It shall be the customer’s responsibility to determine for itself the suitability and compatibility of the products in each instance. Unless stated otherwise in the product listing, all items sold by Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. are considered ‘AS IS,’ and not eligible for exchange or refund

Shipping Information

Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc. ships most In-Stock products on the same business day for orders received by Noon (EST). Noon (EST) is the official cut off for same day shipping. Sometimes we can ship after this time. We do our very best to get everything out on the day you order, but we can’t always meet our goal.

Shipping costs are based on the final weight and dimensions of the items ordered once they are packaged, the destination zip code, and the speed of delivery option you selected during checkout.

Because we ship from various warehouse locations, we rely on the rate calculator to figure the shipping for you. Handling charges will be added to the shipping total. Handling charges are determined by the size of the item as well as how delicate it is. We do everything humanly possible to make sure your merchandise is received in the same condition as when it left our warehouse.

For all international orders the buyer will be responsible for all shipping, duties, taxes, tariffs, or any other cost incurred by international sales as well as making arrangements for their pick up and transport.

Florida sales tax at a rate of 7% will be due on any and all orders delivered in the state of Florida as well as international sales which are not shipped by common carrier (DHL, Fed Ex, UPS) in an unbroken chain of delivery (product is picked up, transported, and delivered by the same company).

Buyer is responsible for ALL return shipping costs and insurance.

You will be contacted if an item is not available.

Please note that if you don’t check your email regularly or if you use a filter service that requires an acknowledgment from us after-the-fact, you might not see the notice.

With the exception of shipments to HI, PR and AK, we will not upgrade your shipping without your approval. When in doubt, spend the extra couple of dollars to make sure you end up with a timely delivery. We don’t want you to be disappointed. If your order is urgent, please call us immediately and EMAIL US to make sure that the order has made it to the sales staff and is moved to the top of the pile.

We do not charge your card until we have started the process to put your items in motion. By Motion, we mean putting the process in place for the items to ship without further contact. Short-term backorders are charged when the order is placed so the shipment won’t be delayed. You will be notified of longer backorders and given the option to cancel or wait for those items. In-stock items will be charged and shipped.

Note: We do not backorder items for International shipments. Additional shipping charges will be incurred if we cannot send the entire order in one shipment. You will be contacted with the additional costs and given the option of continuing with the balance of the order.

For Special Order items, your card is charged once we commit to the purchase from the supplier. Special Orders can rarely be canceled once placed.

For exceptionally large/heavy items the buyer should arrange for a freight pickup from our location. For payment via PayPal, shipments will ONLY be sent to confirmed PayPal addresses.

For credit card payments, shipments will ONLY be sent to the billing address on file with your credit card company. Due to the size and delicate nature of our items we cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

Florida State Sales Tax will be charged on any shipments delivered to or picked up in the state of Florida.

Buyer is responsible for ALL return shipping costs and insurance.

Shipment Choices & Local Merchandise Pickup

We warehouse most of the items we sell. The rest come via direct shipment from our suppliers. Depending upon the location of the item you order, our shipping choices are limited. UPS and Fed Ex are the most common methods of shipment.

We can have the items delivered to our warehouse and then send them directly to you, but it can delay your order and may add to the final delivery cost. We don’t mark it up, but if we have to pay to get the package to us and then re-ship to you, we will add the costs to your bill.

You may pick up your order at our main offices in Clearwater, FL. However, Florida state sales tax, at a rate of 7% will be charged unless we receive a valid Florida state sales tax exemption certificate prior to pick up. Also, we are not equipped to load merchandise into your vehicle. We will do everything possible to assist you but please be prepared with the proper sized vehicle and manpower to load your purchases.

Shipment Date

We do our best to ship all orders that arrive by Noon EST out the same business day. It doesn’t always happen, but 99.996% of the time we meet our goal. It can take a day or two to find an out-of-stock item from a supplier. For this reason, we tell you as soon as possible that it may take longer to ship your order.

Orders placed between Noon Friday and Noon Monday, as well as holidays are not processed until the following business day. The shipping companies don’t pick up on weekends or holidays and our suppliers are closed.

Please note that failure to plan ahead on your behalf does not constitute an emergency on our end. We will work hard to get your product to you ASAP. However, we are not always aware of your deadlines. Please don’t expect us to know that you have to have something by a certain date. The more information you provide, the better we can meet your needs.

Speed Of Delivery (domestic orders only)

Speed of delivery applies to in-stock items only. It is the transit time from the shipping company, not the time to get it packed and in the courier’s hands. If the item has to be special ordered, you may have to wait a bit longer. Some manufacturers cannot ship on the same day the item is ordered. The lead times vary widely. When in doubt, ask.

All shipping days are business days, which are Monday through Friday. Weekends and Holidays do not count in the process. An Overnight order placed after Noon (EST) on Friday or on Saturday or Sunday will not arrive until Tuesday.

Speed of Delivery is based on the day we ship, not the day you place the order. Please build this into your expected delivery day. See Shipment Date above.

Ground: UPS Ground, FedEx Ground. 

2-14 days depending upon the relative location between the delivery point and the warehouse for the ordered items, so plan ahead.

3 Day Select: UPS 3 Day Select, FedEx 3 Day Service.

2-3 business days for most locations in the US. UPS and FedEx do not count the day the package is entered into their system, so a package shipped on Tuesday usually arrives on Friday. This allows most people to receive their packages before the weekend if they plan ahead. Not available to AK, HI, or PR.

2nd Day Air: UPS 2nd Day Air, FedEx Economy or Standard

In-stock items ordered on Tuesday before Noon (EST) generally arrive Thursday. This service isn’t available on all items or in all areas. When in doubt, please ask. This is the standard option for AK, HI, or PR.

Overnight: UPS Next Day Air, FexEx Overnight

Order before Noon (EST), get in-stock items the next business day. This service is not available everywhere in the US. Some places, especially rural America, are 2 day service no matter what you want.

We cannot control delivery once the package is in the hands of the carrier. All estimated delivery times are provided by the carriers. Delivery guarantees are the responsibility of the delivery service.

On certain items or larger packages we can often offer hand delivery at comparable rates to the shipping companies. This reduces the handling of your merchandise and ensures safe delivery.

Domestic Shipping

UPS and FedEx cannot deliver to a Post Office Box. We are always willing to ship at whatever level of service you require. Choose the appropriate level during checkout. Please note that 3 DAY SELECT does not mean 3 days from your order date. UPS and FedEx do not count the day the package is entered into their system, so a package shipped on Tuesday usually arrives on Friday. This allows most people to receive their packages before the weekend if they plan ahead. Weekends and holidays are not counted in the delivery process. Orders placed after Noon (EST) on Friday are processed on Monday.

If the package absolutely has to arrive by a certain day, you need to use 2nd Day Air or Overnight or allow sufficient time. Please call us to tell us of your Must Have Date.

Some items are oversized and incur additional charges. We do our best to have the rates reflect this, but occasionally will need to notify you after the order has been placed.

We charge whatever it costs us to send the packages (shipping costs, packaging, labels, etc). To calculate the rate, we need your zip code, which is why the rate shows up at the end of the transaction. Occasionally, we have an incorrect ship weight in the database or the shipping company calculates the shipment by dimensional weight.

If the rate seems wacky, it probably is. Instead of canceling the order, please call or email us and ask us to confirm the actual shipping before sending the order. We always appreciate the feedback to reduce errors.

Note: All shipping costs are non-refundable. This expense is the same as paying for gas to get to the store. See the Returns and Refunds sections for specifics.

International Shipping

An international order is an order placed for shipment anywhere outside of the 50 United States.  U.S. Territories are considered international orders. For international orders, the only acceptable method of payment is Wire Transfer in US Funds. The buyer will assume the cost of the transfer as well as be responsible for all shipping, duties, taxes, tariffs, or any other costs incurred by international sales.

Florida sales tax at a rate of 7% will be due on any and all international sales which are not shipped by common carrier (DHL, Fed Ex, UPS) in an unbroken chain of delivery (product is picked up, transported, and delivered by the same company).

Some countries will impose taxes or duty fees on the products we ship. All expenses of this nature are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are collected at delivery. Please contact your local Customs Office to get an estimate of these charges. Unfortunately, we cannot export product with declared values that are lower than the invoice to circumvent these charges. Refusal of delivery of the package does not limit liability of these charges. All expenses related to returns will be added to your invoice.

Note: We do not backorder items for International shipments. Additional shipping charges will be incurred if we cannot send the entire order in one shipment. You will be contacted with the additional costs and given the option of continuing with the balance of the order.

We have no control over Customs (or anything else) once the package is given to the delivery service. We can only trace packages sent by FedEx, UPS or another common carrier that offers this service.

All items that go overseas have to come to our offices in Clearwater and are then shipped out. Depending upon the item, this can add a few days to the process.

To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend using FedEx Air services for delivery.


Military addresses have US Post Office restrictions, plus the occasional country restriction. Generally, we can send anything that isn’t hazardous. Some very large boxes cannot be delivered through this service.

How much is this item?

Pricing for items is displayed on pages for single items. Some pages summarize a list of items. A link from the list will take you to the details for the product. If the item is currently available, the price will be shown. We do our best to have accurate pricing. We are, however, human and mistakes are made. Sometimes a price is too high, sometimes we have an item displayed at zero. Just as you expect us to fix a high price, we expect your understanding when we explain that an item was priced too low. We update most of our item pricing weekly via an automatic script, but some suppliers do not provide us with daily data. We manually update items whenever we are aware of a price change. We apologize when a mistake is made and appreciate hearing from you if you notice an error so that we can correct it as soon as possible.

All prices are in US Dollars. Your bank will convert the price to local currency. Conversion rates vary all the time. If this is important, please contact your bank for the costs.

Is this item in stock?

We maintain a 92-98 percent fill rate depending upon the season. However, with the number of items listed, this means that several items can be out of stock at any given time. On occasion the item is backordered at the factory level and we cannot get it to you. We’re sorry when this happens, but it is beyond our control. Much of our database is updated daily. The sales are posted overnight. Generally, if the website says we have an item in stock with a displayed quantity, we have the item. If no quantity is displayed, we still should have it, but not from a supplier with an automated inventory.

If getting your order is critical and the quantity shows only a few in stock, please tell us that you NEED the item and ask us to contact you immediately if the item is not in stock.

The description online is not correct.

We’re very sorry when this happens. Our intention is to have accurate descriptions that represent the items offered. Sometimes the problem comes from a mistake in data entry. Other times, the manufacturer has changed the product and we were not notified or data from our suppliers may not be 100% accurate. We do our best to have everything correct, but there are too many items to make any guarantees. As with every other catalog and online publication, we are not responsible for typographical errors.

When an error is found, we will do what we can to correct the situation. In some cases, a small part can be shipped to solve the issue. There are times when parts are not available or the item description is completely wrong and the only option is to apologize and refund your money. Manufacturers make changes in production and discontinue items. Certain items may not be available regardless of how badly you would like it to be so. We regret any errors on the website and thank you for your understanding if one is encountered.

Before you contact us, check the date you placed the order. Figure out the next business day available for processing the order, add one day, and then add the number of business days needed for delivery by the shipment service you selected.

Prior to that date, your package is unlikely to arrive. We work hard to get the packages out in a timely fashion, but delivery services do not beat their delivery times very often. A package takes at least 5 business days (1 week) to cross the country.

What is your Return Policy?

We do our best to be flexible with returns. Basically, if you are reasonable, we are reasonable; we’ll work with you. No returns will be accepted without a Hi-Tech issued return authorization number. Any and all approved refunds are subject to 25% restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for ALL return shipping costs and insurance. Buyer is responsible for any loss or damage in return shipping. Shipping costs are not refundable under any circumstance. View the return shipping as the gas money you would spend to return a tool to a local store.

“As Is” Sales are just that, as is, and are not returnable or refundable under any circumstance.

Special Order Items may only be returned if the manufacturer will allow us to return the item. Note: This almost never happens. Any fees that are charged to us for the return will be deducted from any refund that may be available. Most charge 25% or more. All shipping charges will be deducted from any refund. Special order returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. In general, consider a Special Order Item non-returnable and non-refundable.

Items with missing parts cannot be accepted for return. If we can buy the missing parts to create a whole unit, the cost of their purchase and delivery will be deducted from your refund.

Contact us for returns on defective items. The return depends upon the warranty.

What is your Refund Policy?

Refunds are issued after the returned product has been received and inspected. Refunds are issued in the same form as payment was received for the original order. Please allow a week after the Friday of the week the package arrives at our warehouse for the credit to be processed.

Shipping costs to get the order to you are non-refundable. The exceptions are cases where a guaranteed delivery service failure has occurred on behalf of the courier. Refunds for service failures are processed when the courier recognizes that they have not met their guarantee and have issued a credit to us for your order. The courier is solely responsible for determining a delivery failure situation.

The original outbound shipping costs are not refundable on returns unless the item was shipped in error.

How can I exchange an item?

If you need a different item or need to exchange a defective item for a new one, the exchange can be handled in two ways.

Speed Exchange: We issue an RMA for the merchandise to be returned, charge your card for the new item and ship it right away. You return the original merchandise and a credit is issued when the item is received and processed. This is the fastest way to get a replacement item.

Normal Exchange: We issue an RMA for the merchandise to be returned. You return the original merchandise and we ship a new item. This takes a bit longer, but does not cost you any additional money up front.

See Returns above for an explanation of who pays the shipping for exchanges. We’re sorry, but we cannot send out a new product unless either payment is made for the new shipment or the original is returned and received in-house.

How can I pay?

We can process your order most efficiently with payment from a credit card via PayPal. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We will accept Checks, Money Orders, PayPal (confirmed addresses only), Cash and Wire Transfers as well. If you elect to not use a credit card, please include the Order Number with your remittance so that we know what to do with the funds when they arrive.

Purchase orders will be accepted on a case by case basis and generally only from state or government agencies.

Seeing that we have items listed in multiple venues all items are sold on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to keep your order active for 10 days to allow payment to arrive but if another buyer submits payment first they will own the merchandise. Money Orders and checks must clear our bank.

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