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In this edition of the SVC Podcast, SVC Contributing Editor Bennett Liles talks with Art Dryce of VideoArt Productions in Clearwater, Fla. regarding the new HD video system upgrade at Al Lang Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer team. He outlines the installation done by High Tech Enterprises and he discusses the new crew arrangement he made to break from the previous one-man band method and introduce a full TV production crew for the game coverage. The system is built around the Broadcast Pix Granite 1000 video production switcher.

Stream Breeze: 5 Out of 5 Star Performance

Stream Breeze is much like its name.  It is a system that will make any broadcast flow with quality at a low cost. Your broadcast will gush with ideas as you pick up its energies from the program’s logical and creative organization. Its ease of use and its flexible capacities are a like a fresh stream breeze to the world of often complicated and bulky broadcast equipment. You get the studio feel and capabilities without the restriction and costs of a fixed studio. The learning curve flows smoothly and is relatively minor! Patient, friendly technical support is always there, even over time. More

“Thanks, I really appreciate how quickly you took care of us.  I wish everyone still practiced this level of customer service.  We definitely made a good choice going with your company.”

~Dan Heath, GBHS Theatre


“We just started to live stream thru Christian World Media and I love seeing people from Brazil, Canada, and Africa watch us.”

~ John K. Steele, Witcher Creek, WV

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“Could you send me the full price to purchase the Stream Breeze Mini with my discount from renting it? Everything worked amazing. Loved it. Thanks.”

~Patrick Price, Triptyk Media

“The Stream Breeze has been a great choice for our web casts for the Tampa Bay Rowdies NASL soccer team.  After using the similar product last season, we were really impressed with the functionality, flexibility and ease of operation of the Stream Breeze.  As the director and technical Director for the production, I find it very easy to stay within the flow of the game while cutting our cameras and adding advertisement graphics, change scores, and roll in and transition to commercials during the show. The setup is a snap and after a thorough tutorial session with their technician, I was up and running!   Great product with great real world results.”

Art Dryce, VideoArt Productions, Web Videos Plus

“We are very happy we went with Stream-Breeze, and I would be delighted to recommend it to anyone that craves a multimedia video solution with less headache and multiple hardware upgrades to deal with. And, I appreciate the prompt and unflinching support I get from the HI-TEC Enterprise team whenever I am in need of it; it’s a pleasure doing business with people with such a vast industry knowledge and subject matter expertise such as Steve, Ed and the rest of the team. Thanks!”

~  Abraham O’Dare , Winners Chapel, Detroit, MI.

“Thank you for a much-needed piece of hardware and your instruction for our church’s needs in expanding our system and adapting our cameras. Will be in touch for future configurations and adapters as needed. Thanks for being such a great help in steering us in the right direction. You have certainly earned my business. Looking forward to bringing you even more business in the new year.

~ Ken Weir, Video Engineer & Producer, Crosswalk Volunteer Video Team